The Battle Cats Hack Cheats : Get Unlimited Free Cat Food XP in 2020

the battle cats hack

If you love to play the tower defense games, then the battle cats by PONOS Corporation will be a treat for you. The game is free to play and can be more interesting by using some of the workable the battle cats hack and cheats.

The gameplay is all about tower defending by choosing a team of cats to battle against the rivals in several settings. The cats are the leaders in the game. You can use them to fight against the enemies from the opposite side.

The game has a super simple battle system and leveling up system, so even a new beginner can play the game and enjoy the super simple fun gaming through this game.

You can command your cats easily because the game has simple controls in a battle. Just tap on the cat whom you want to fight for you! Fire the cat cannon to blast the enemies that are coming close to your base.

You have to clear the levels to earn the different in-game resources that help you grab the victory in every battle.

In short, we can say that the game is perfect for casual play and has fun for every age group peoples. But, if you don’t know how to hack the battle cats with the legit hacks and cheats, then you might get bored of playing the game.

Hence, we are here providing you the list of the battle cats cheats that help you make your game more adventurous and thrilling.


List of Top 10 The Battle Cats Hack & Cheats For Free Cat Food in 2020

1. Daily Login Bonus

If you don’t want to do hard work for earning resources or you don’t have time to play the game due to your scheduled work, then daily log in bonus is one of the great the battle cats cheats that will help you to earn the rewards.

Playing the game is not mandatory, but login to the game daily is necessary for collecting the daily login bonus.

The login cycle is for 28 days, so don’t forget to log in to the game daily for 28 days because you will get the much better rewards than previous day rewards. Daily login bonus includes gifts like chests, cat food, XP, and on 28th day you will get a bonus. So make sure you will use this the battle cats hack.

2. Keep Playing & Level Up

The best battle cats hack to earn the XP throughout the gameplay is to keep on playing and leveling up.

XP is essential for upgrading the cats, and for XP, you have to play the game daily. If you will not play the game regularly and fail to earn required XP, then you will not make your cats efficient for the challenging levels.

3. Link the Game With Facebook

Linking the game with Facebook is one of the handy the battle cats cheats because this will help you in several ways.

Firstly, it helps you to save the game so that you can play it on multiple devices and resume the game from where you left with the same score and rewards you earn earlier.

Secondly, it helps you to invite friends to play the game and make you able to use the friends invite code so that you can earn rewards such as cat food, XP, and much more.

On the other hand, it also helps you to restore the battle cats energy glitch. How about Getting Need for Speed No Limit Hack And Cheats To Use in 2020? Follow The Post.

4. Change the Date Of Your Mobile

The date change is the best battle cat energy glitch that helps you to restore the energy. This trick is introduced as the update in the 5.0.0 version of the game, but presently the players can use this trick for energy glitch. Go to the setting of your mobile and change the date and time t take advantage of restored energy.

5. Fulfill the Missions

Missions are the tasks that have to be fulfilled to get the prescribed rewards. This is best the battle cats cheats because there are different kinds of missions, and each of them will come with multiple set of freebies. Once you finished off the missions, then you can claim the rewards assigned for it.

Missions are categorized into four different types, i.e., main missions, weekly missions, monthly missions, and special missions.

  • Main Missions: – In this category, the tasks are continuously available without any time limit for completing them.
  • Weekly Missions: – These missions have a weekly cycle that starts from Monday and ends on Sunday. The beginning time for these missions is Monday noon and ends on Sunday at 11:59 PM. So if you have finished any of the tasks from weekly missions, then you have to claim them before the timer for the mission resets; otherwise, they will be lost forever!
  • Monthly Missions: – As the name shows, these are the month-long events. You can check the tasks under this mission on the 1st day of every month that starts at midnight, and the time to fulfill these tasks will end on the last day of the month at 11:59 PM. Hence don’t forget to claim the rewards before the time ends because once the game puts the next tasks for a month, then you cannot claim your previous rewards, so be alert while claiming the prizes.
  • Special Missions: –These missions are linked with some of the unique and limited events like collaboration campaigns etc.

6. Participate In Treasure Festivals

Participating in the treasure festival is one of the incredible the battle cats cheats that help you to earn some of the exclusive rewards.

The developers of the game organize treasure events on an irregular basis. But, for the entering in such treasure festivals or events, you have to clear the 1st chapter of the game.

You can collect various passive bonuses that can be applied to the different sections of the game.

7. Made 11 Capsule Draw As soon as Possible

Rare capsule machine is available for making the 11 capsule draw. This is important the battle cats hack because once you will get success in making 11 capsule draw then hurry up and again make an 11-capsule draw in the next 30 minutes because doing this will help you to collect the 1,00,000 XP Bonus.

8. Upgrade the Cats For Increasing their Efficiency

If you want to enhance the efficiency of the cat, then upgrading them is one of the useful the battle cats cheats that help you to do so.

Once you finish the upgrading of the cat to the highest level with normal cat capsules, then you can exchange these capsules for the rare tickets.

Every 5 capsules that are not needed to you can exchange them for the rare tickets. Hence upgrading the cats is very important the battle cats hack.

9. Complete the Tapjoy Offers

Cat food is the premium currency of the game, and if you want the cat food, then completing the offers by Tapjoy is one of the useful the battle cats cheats that help you in collecting the cat food.

Well, these offers are not that much exciting but fulfilling them is the best way to collect the good amount of cat food.

You can check these offers from the in-game store. Tap on the Gratis cat food for taking a keen look at the offers from Tapjoy.

Cat food is essential to purchase the blessing from the god after you unlock the god from the special cats column; hence use the battle cat hack for grabbing the cat food.

10. Upgrading The Cat Study Is Important

Well, you might be thinking why to update the cat study? But, let me tell you all that upgrading the cat study is an essential the battle cat hack to collect the more XP.

XP is one of the primary forms of the currency in this game; hence always focuses on upgrading the cat study to get the increased XP after finishing each level.

What Is The Truth Behind The Battle Cats Mod Apk And Generators?

Well, battle cat mod apk and generators are the mythical applications that used to attract the players by making fake promises to give them unlimited in-game resources.

But all these battle cats hack apk are fake and not workable at all. Hence stay away from such malpractices that spoil the sporting spirit in you.

One more reason why you cannot get unlimited resources from these hack tools is that the developers will not allow any of the websites to provide free resources because there is a lot of hard work done by them to create such an excellent game.

These hack tools ask for personal details like game id, name, email id, etc. and if you provide such information, then they may misuse it or sell it. You may be lost all your progress in the game or anything like it may happen. So stay away from it and keep yourself safe from getting trapped in such fake applications.

If you want to know how it looks, then we may try to put one such sample tool on this page in order for you to understand how it works. But keep it in mind that this tool is only for educational purpose and you should not rely on it to earn free in-game resources. It is only for your educational purpose. Just make sure to use only legit battle cats cheats.

Disclaimer: The only way to get “Unlimited” resources is to purchase them by spending real money. There no any ways through which you can use the resources for lifelong.

Final Verdict

Here, we are done with the list of the battle cats hack and cheats that will enhance your gaming experience.

Do you feel the article useful? Do you have any suggestions for us? Do you know any other tips and tricks?

Please don’t hesitate to post your reviews in the comment section below. Till then, Goodbye!

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